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Law office of Laura Golub

Gabe Sirkis

"Laura was a blessing from above for my case and situation. She handled it with all she had and gave me lots of pointers on what I could do to help my case, along with keeping me informed on what she was doing to make sure I had the optimum outcome. She is the friendliest person and was very accommodating. I would highly suggest her to anyone who is looking for a lawyer that will work very hard for them! Thank you Laura!! You are #1!!!"

Law office of Laura Golub

Liana Fishel

"Office of Laura Golub has helped me on several occasions and I would say customer service is at it's best. Laura is very detail oriented, knowledgeable attorney who is always on top of the case progress, honest about possible outcomes and clear with all the steps of the case. I would highly recommend office of Laura Golub."

Law office of Laura Golub

Alex Smirnoff

"I referred my good friend to Laura when he was pulled over by the cops. I was with him at the time and boy I was glad that I had Laura's number. She professionally advised me on what exactly to do so that my friend could stay out of as much trouble as possible. She is an excellent trouble solver and knows how to relate to situations. Without her my friend would have gotten a DUI. I am really grateful for her help."

Attorney Laura Golub

Lana Hramakouski

"Laura Golub is a good lawyer, in our case everything was great, thank you for the help. Corresponds to the phone 24/7."

Attorney Laura Golub

Andrea Good

"Pleasure to work with Laura.

Professional and friendly team."

Attorney Laura Golub

Tina A.

"I have used Laura twice before (both traffic violations) and in both situations she was able to successfully win the cases and get the violations off my record. I was pleased with her both the times. However, I contacted her once again and I was really desperate and needed legal help. However, she turned me away in a really rude, careless way, and did not offer any kind of advice or tell me where to turn.  I won't be calling her again."

Attorney Laura Golub

Myke Patytskyy

"Great experience, thank you Laura and your team!"

Attorney Laura Golub

Vi L.

"I was referred to The law office of Laura Golub by a friend who used her before for legal troubles.
Extremely pleased that I did!
I would recommend the Law Office for anyone else reading this review. They contacted me back immediately and I was able to get in to meet with an attorney just as fast. They put my mind at ease with a stressful legal situation that I was facing, and I am so thankful that I called when I did.
Hopefully I won't need a lawyer again, but if I do, I already have Laura Golub in my contact list (just in case).

Our practice areas:  Personal Injury;  Traffic Violations;  Criminal Defense;   Medical Mistakes


1020 N Milwaukee Ave #312, Deerfield, IL 60015

  Close to South-West corner of Milwaukee Ave and Deerfield Pkwy  

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Law Office of Laura Golub
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