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How to Avoid Car Accidents During the Holidays

Christmas & New Year’s Eve are among the deadliest times to drive. While crash deaths can occur at roughly 117 each day during the rest of the year, holiday travel boosts that figure to about 156 fatalities, according to data from the National Center for Statistics and Analysis. Why is this number increased? More drivers on the highways, icy roads due to snowy weather, rushing to get to festivities, and so on. The Law Office of Laura Golub wants to help make sure you aren’t another statistic! How can you avoid car accidents during the holiday season?

4 Helpful Tips on How to Avoid Car Accidents During the Holidays

Everyone is urged to be more careful on the roadways during the holidays. These tips may help ensure that your holiday season is a safe season!

  1. Never Drink and Drive

  2. Require All Occupants of your Vehicle to Wear a Seat Belt

  3. Pull to the Side of the Road or Have Someone Else Drive if You’re Tired

  4. Stay Within the Speed Limits at all Times

When traveling during the holiday season, keep in mind that there are more drivers on the road than usual due to holiday commutes to celebrate with friends & family. Not only that, but drivers can easily be distracted by their own holiday goals or rushing to their destination, endangering others with reckless driving, and possibly leaving you injured.

If you’re injured in a car accident during the holiday season, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney immediately!

Attorney Laura Golub will answer your calls around the clock and fight to obtain the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies do not freely pay car accident injury claims, so having a Personal Injury Attorney on your side is KEY to get what you deserve.

Even during the holidays, you can always Contact Laura Golub to schedule a consultation in the Chicagoland area. Meeting with Attorney Laura Golub is possible as early as the day of the event!

Call (847) 808-9500 or email to file your Personal Injury claim in Illinois ASAP.

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