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3 Reasons Why You Need an Attorney for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

An injury will seriously disrupt your daily life, finances and career. If you or a loved one are suffering from a work-related injury, the victim is entitled to workers’ compensation. To collect all possible compensation in Illinois, you must first notify your employer of the work-related injury within 45 days. The second step is request a consultation near you with an experienced workers’ comp attorney such as Attorney Laura Golub. Understanding everything that workers’ compensation entails can be confusing. Also, wondering if you’re getting all the assistance you deserve can be stressful while already dealing with an injury and a workers’ compensation claim. The Law Offices of Laura Golub will fight hard to get you maximum workers’ compensation benefits, and to make the process as easy as possible!

Here are the top three reasons why you need an attorney for your workers’ compensation claim.

  1. Legal Knowledge & Attorney Experience is Key – Most people are not experts when it comes to the law. You need an experienced and aggressive local attorney to help you maximize the benefits you will receive after a work-related injury.

  2. Hiring an Attorney is Not Expensive – Worker’s compensation attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that they are paid a percentage of the settlement or award. There are no upfront charges. Due to the fact that both parties receive a greater amount of money the larger your settlement, thus it’s a transparent incentive for your attorney to fight hard.

  3. Your Rights are a Protected Priority – When you are dealing with an adjuster yourself, you may not be aware of what your rights are under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act. Laura Golub will prevent the insurance company and others from treating you unfairly and violating your rights.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation covers medical treatment, pays for wage loss, and provides other financial assistance. The victim is essentially suing their employer by filing a workers’ compensation claim. This is vital for receiving the benefits you are entitled to under the state law. Workplace injuries are an everyday occurrence and some examples you should consult with an attorney about are injuries caused by:

  • Lifting heavy equipment

  • Slipping on a wet or oily surface

  • Defective machinery

  • Fires or explosions

Not sure if your injury qualifies for workers’ comp in Illinois? Legally you must consider an injury or illness to be work-related if an event or exposure in the work environment either caused or contributed to the resulting condition or significantly aggravated a pre-existing injury or illness according to OSHA.

Read more examples of Personal Injury you may have experienced here to see if you could be qualified for financial compensation. You might have to fight to obtain the compensation you deserve, and Laura Golub is ready to help.

Contact attorney Laura Golub at (847) 808-9500. If you call our office, we can meet with you the same day of the injury to discuss filing a workers’ compensation claim and begin the process quickly!
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